Independent Supported living for young adults aged 16+ transitioning to independent living

Our goal

We provide independent living

Excellence home care provides placements in supported living for young people aged 16 and over. Our purpose is to provide our young people with a therapeutic environment by providing a safe and high quality accommodation that will enhance their physical, mental, and emotional growth. Young adults who are transitioning to independent adult living are provided with a safe and supportive environment through our service. Each young person is assessed on a comprehensive basis to determine their abilities and create an individualised plan with the aim of promoting and developing independence, gaining access to further education and employment, and supporting our young people in reaching their goals and aspirations as they prepare for adulthood. 

What We Do

Through empowerment, we provide individuals with;

Our goal is to empower young people with skills like guidance and support;

In addition to supporting individuals with various mental health conditions, our staff has experience with;

Together we will design a support plan that will address the holistic needs of the individual.

As part of our program, we offer frequent one-on-one sessions to support, empower, and prepare the young person so that they can live a fulfilling life as independent adults